Sunday, 7 December 2014


Not sure if it's a South African mom thing, but moms here in general tend to add an article, namely, 'the' in front of every social media they stumble upon. example:

"Jess, remember to post those photos on THE facebook"
"Are you posting that on THE instagram?" 
 "Can you search where Peter's house is on THE google?"

A day before my last exam i decided to pull a genius procrastination stunt and make a youtube video (cue Jenn Im inspiration), it is my first time making a 'fashion' youtube video, so tell me what you think and if you want more! (thumbs up on the video are greatly appreciated)

So kids, here's the video on THE youtube ;)

Friday, 28 November 2014


The only thing getting me through the copious amounts of unnecessary exam stress and 2007 Britney Spears worthy meltdowns and the constant echo of voices saying "grade 11 is  the most important year  year year basicallydontstuffitup", is the thought that i'll be jetting back to Cape Town in exactly a week.

I did this illustration of lovely model and blogger Emma a while back but forgot to post it because. you know. exams + brain = mitochondria, parabola, nine plus ten, failing, parentsgonkillme. Anyway her blog, MY LIFE IN PINK, will delight you with the most gorgeous editorial worthy photographs and outfits that are just... "perf"

Now if you'll excuse me, i have exams to study for. *puke*

Much love.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


When shopping for clothing, you'd often find me muttering "this would look better in black". and trust me when i say, my closet is darker than the abyss. My favourite pieces of black clothing is a fitted sweater and skinny pant.. cue back to last week when my favourite and only pair of trusty skinny pants died.. the zipper broke after one too many episodes of pizza. damn. So this is my uniform, a black sweater and black cigarette pants that is around 2 sizes too big. but what the hell. more pizza for me then ;)

what's your uniform?

much love.